Technical data

The Pfizner Teletron TE-712B HF solid-state receiver was designed in the mid 70's and used by the German weather services and the army.

Here are the TE712 family common technical specifications:
- Receiving mode:
A1, A2/A3, F1/F4, USB, LSB - Frequency coverage:
Continuous 1Hz tunable from 10Khz to 30Mhz - Filters:
LC filters - BFO:
Fixed - CONTROL:
CAG level: manual, 5dB/s, 50dB/s, 500dB/s
We know at least three models of that receiver family:
  • TE712B: The classic model used by the German Army and a French service,
    It offers memory storage, remote control, antennas selection, line output attenuator, 30Khz and 13Khz IF outputs,< BR> Drawers are horizontally arranged with a centered power supply bloc.
  • TE712B: Another model that may have been in use in a German weather service(many thanks to Joachim),
    It has an overload indicator but no memory storage, nor 13Khz IF output,
    Drawers are vertically arranged with a left side power supply bloc.
    This could be a prototype or a pre-production model. I am looking for manual, schematics and any information on that TE712B model
  • TE712S: A reduced functionnality classic TE712B
    It has only six filters, no remote control, no F1/F4 mode, no notch filter, no spur filters, no AFC and no diversity mode.
  • Pictures

    Front view
    Rear view
    Upper view

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